Market Penetration: Case Study

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Strategy Choice and Rationale
1. Market Penetration- Combine the strengths of customer service, price, variety, and quality and use this towards the opportunities for marketing towards men and advertising. Work them together and you can eliminate competition and increase marketing presence, as well as deflect the internet, the cost of labor, and Competition. More consumers will shop at DSW when they receive excellent service, have a large variety to choose from, and get a quality product at a low price. That customer will not shop at a competitor or turn to the internet to search for a lower price or larger variety. Higher sales will compensate for the increase in cost of labor. When men realize the variety and low prices compared to Foot
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The new additions to the executive and board of director’s ties right into their current growth strategy. (DSW Inc. Insiders, 2016) Since Poff was hired in 2015 as a Business development and treasure and in 2016 was promoted to Senior Vice President of Finance. (DSW Inc. Insiders, 2016) He has proven to be an asset to the company and contributed to the recent growth success with his roles in Finance and accounting. (DSW Inc. Insiders, 2016) Nankervis was an appropriate choice for his role as Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer. As part of DSW Inc. growth strategy, they want to expand into more markets, domestic and internally. (DSW Inc., 2016) Nankervis has worked with international business since 1998. With his expertise in international business, the transformation into an international business will be less risky. They need his expertise to implement the growth strategy seamlessly. The final recent additional Zaiac, was recently hired in September as an intendent director. She brings something to the table that DSW is lacking, their marketing presence. She currently is Chief Operating Officer for a leading global digital advertising agency. (DSW Inc. Appoints Joanne Zaiac as New Independent Director, 2016) She will be able to increase the market presence digitally. These new additional to the Executives and Board of Directors will assist in current strategies and implementation of the new

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