Kandos Case Study

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To: Marketing Director
From: Marketing Executive
Subject: Marketing plan o deliver the cultural and organisational change

Rationale for chosen scenario

The reason to develop a marketing plan is to deliver the cultural and organisational change to become a learning organisation. Kandos aims to become a market leader in chocolate and its position in Srilanka market by 2016.

The marketing audit (see appendix) indicates that kandos has weakness as the product’s key advantage are not significant enough compare to its competitors. This indicates that poor marketing activities have been implemented and therefore, established the need for a contentious promotion and advertising complain in o expand the market share.

Focusing in an organisation
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Evaluating the external factors to facilitate change at Kandos
Attribute Change required
Customers Kandos need to identify the customer needs and wants. Consumer habits such as increased the usage of low sugar chocolate products and online sales concept.
Economy With the end of the war facilitated to high economic growth. Therefore Kandos need to expanded the business to new markets ( North and East).
Finance Essential analysis costs and the impact of inflation and taxes for the products. More focus optimal pricing strategy since it facilitate differentiation and in creating a long term profit focus.
Competitor Need to analysis the continuous basic Competitor performance and market share growth rate and identified the new entrants to the industry.
Innovation Identify industries and regions in which Kandos can innovate to become recognized for differentiated services in the market.
Technology Need to develop kandos processors as a means of production in terms of operations, Quality service delivery and good online
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The internal environment is the controllable and needs to facilitate an organization wide approach implementation.

Attribute Changes required Justification
Strategy Market penetration, new brand positioning and improved branding strategies, New product development, New Market development, Differentiation strategy, Improved relationship strategies. Kandos needs to differentiate and reposition the brand to create a higher perceived value; strategies need to be implemented throughout the organization to gain market share and profitability.
Need to move away from the bureaucratic process and creating a learning organisation Implement an internal marketing communication campaigns to engage the organisation in all levels to structural change.
Systems Need to develop a knowledge management system ,an integrated marketing communications system and effective customer relationship (CRM) The Kandos Need offer an intranet system to enables colleagues to share their ideas experiences and knowledge

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