Case Analysis : ' Bagel Hockey Case ' Essay example

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Bagel Hockey Case Analysis
The bagel hockey case outlined a scenario that combined a cohesive group of young adults, too much free time, and too little management. The cafeteria manager, Mrs. Larby, made an unannounced weekend visit to the cafeteria and found her employees violating one of the business rules of no horseplay. When she walked in on a busy cafeteria, only a couple of employees were functioning in their roles while the rest were playing floor hockey with brooms and stale bagels in the back, including the supervisor on shift (Cohen & Fink, 2001).
Causes of Emergent Behavior
It is clear that there is an increase in free time on the weekend shifts because the business flow is not as steady as it is during the weekdays. This has caused the schedule to place the more experienced management members on shifts during the week and the less experienced on the weekends. This lack of supervisory experience has left the staff with little guidance and structure during their weekends shifts. It can also be said, for the amount of business that occurs on the weekend, there are too many staff members on the clock during these shifts which makes the amount of work required to take even less time. The combination of both these things have left a group of similar aged young adults, all with common interests, under stimulated and not motivated to grow. This has allowed a cohesive group to form for the weekend shifts, where together they used their creativity to construct three games…

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