Case 1: The Case Of Bobby: Case Study

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Introduction In the following case studies the use of behavior modification will be utilized to address various questions about each individual. Behavior modification is based on the fundamental principles that will use various discipline strategies. Behavior modification is based on operant conditioning concepts founded by B.F. Skinner where one learns to behave in a manor to obtain a type of reward or incentive and to avoid punishment for their actions (Morin, 2014).
Case 1: The Case of Bobby
1. Identify the target behavior and clearly define it in an least 2 sentences
When it comes to the case of Bobby, the target behavior will be for him to be able to clean his room at least four times a week. Bobby has problems cleaning his room unless
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Consequences can be manipulated through what is called reinforcement. There are two forms of reinforcement. This includes positive and negative reinforcement. Positive reinforcement includes giving rewards or praises to reinforce a given behavior. Negative reinforcement involves withdrawing a given incentive or giving tougher conditions when undesired behavior is exhibited. In some case, an operant behavior has no respondent behavior and in such cases, the behavior analyst needs to look for the other likes of the client and use them as …show more content…
Therefore extinction for the most part occurs in the event when reinforcement is a previously reinforced behavior is discontinued. In this case involving Emma, the reinforcement made to her in order for improvement in her behavior when it comes to cleaning her room usually fails, this is because she shows no improvement. It therefore has an impact on her parents and causes them to discontinue the use of reinforcement as there is no change in her behavior. Extinction is therefore the best measure to take in the case of Emma because the two reinforcements are not productive (Cooper,

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