Ebenezer Scrooge's Performance Analysis: A Christmas Carol

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Performance Analysis: A Christmas Carol
As society develops and people get busier, the meaning of Christmas is shifted to the point that it becomes just a holiday, a day to have fun, losing its original meaning. Not only on Christmas day, have the perspectives of some people become negative that they lost the passion of life. Instead of enjoying life, people tend to pursue materialistic or work achievements as their lifetime goal to fulfil self-value. The Belvoir production, A Christmas Carol, retells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge who is a bitter old miser. He is definitely one of the above mentioned people that he lives a cold and lonely life without any passion for life, forgetting about the warmth of Christmas. Facing the warm Christmas season, Mr. Scrooge displayed his dislikes of the surroundings. As Christmas came nearer, he tried all sorts of methods to exploit Bob, his employee, as well as his nephew, Fred. Since the beginning, Mr. Scrooge had no plan to celebrate Christmas but to stay at home, alone. Out of his expectation, he dreamt of his dead business partner, Jacob Marley. Jacob wanted to help Mr. Scrooge to regain the positive perspectives by introducing the visits of the ghosts of Christmas
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Through the transformation of Scrooge into a gentler and kindlier man after the visits of the three ghosts, every audience would be able to find their shadows in the play. Scrooge’s character drew together the worst and jaded parts of human spirit yet his transformation reminded us to be open to changes in this materialistic society. Therefore, to me, A Christmas Carol is about life and transformation, redemption and awakening. It showed us the magic of stepping back and looking at our lives from a third person’s view. It is about how we choose to live our life, achieving our real

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