Caring Theory Essay

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Running head: NURSING AS CARING 1

Boykin and Schoenhofer: Theory of Nursing as Caring



The theory of Nursing as Caring was developed by Anne Boykin and Sarvina Schoenhofer. In the late 1980’s, the two were involved in research involving elements of caring and the practical implications of caring elements when they discovered there was little to no research or literature in this area. Caring and its varying definitions made it difficult to define in research terms. What caring means, how it is demonstrated, how it is measured, and how it is received are complex multi-dimensional concepts. Caring is the central and
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Further analysis of the Nursing as Caring theory is limited. Most published analysis is theoretical in its discussion. The implications of the theory in practice have been largely untested. Two research approaches have been developed with the context of studying Nursing as Caring. One focused on the everyday lived meaning of everyday caring and the second directed towards understanding the value experienced in nursing situations (Boykin & Schoenhofer, 2001). In 2005, Boykin and Schoenhofer participated in designing a phenomenological study that aimed to uncover the caring experience in the NP-nursed relationship. The results of the study concluded that three major implications for advanced practice nursing emerged. Spirituality between the nurse and the nursed proved to be a significant factor in the building and maintaining of the relationship, personhood of the NP was enhanced, and the caring emanating from the NP enhanced the personhood of the ones nursed beyond immediate physical needs (Thomas, Finch, Schoenhofer & Green, 2005). The larger message was that there are many avenues for additional research of the Nursing as Caring theory in practice. Many of the nursed participants of the study reported feeling empowered by and connected to their NP’s. The caring relationship was important to them and improved their overall experience

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