Carefour Missadventure in Russia Essay

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Carrefour Misadventure in Russia

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Carrefour strategy is comprised of following components Organic, Sustainable and Profitable growth Fast return on capital employed Market Leadership through Acquisition Carrefour started business in 1963 by introducing the idea of hyper market by providing thousands of products under one roof. Soon after the success of hyper market Carrefour started targeting the customers with discounted stores. Carrefour is now world Europe largest and world second largest. Carrefour Major Merger and Acquisitions
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2. There are many framework, concepts and model which can be used to understand thebusiness environment. Some of these framework are ideal for macro while some for micro environment of the business, some with factors related to the market and product, however the most important thing is these help the strategist in designing the business plan for company and to analyse wh ich factors are likely to effect the business operations, its day to day activities and up to which extent. During the analysis of environment strategist need to answer the most possible question which can affect business some of these are as follow. y y y y y y y y

What are our Strengths, weakness and possible opportunities and threats What are our core competences Should we enter this market or not (suitability, feasibility and acceptability) Is market really attractive for long term growth and profit What are political, economic, social and technological issue which may effect our business Who are buyers and what s their preferences Competitors, market saturation, substitute, suppliers, distribution Our strategy new product, market

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