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Career Spectrum Scavenger Hunt

Part 1

Find, and list, at least 10 different careers from various sectors in the health care industry. Describe the role of each career and explain what makes that profession different from the others. You can include, but are not limited to, factors such as education and experience requirements, services rendered or products offered, licensure, pay, involvement with other health care sectors, and type of work duties.

Career | Description | Differences | Optometrist | A doctor in charge of assessing a person’s vision and eye health. | Optometrists prescribe glasses and contacts for patients who need corrective lenses, and they provide treatment options for
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An orderly may be responsible for a variety of tasks in a hospital or clinic, from transporting patients to the ER to filing medical records. | Many orderlies work as nursing assistants, where they later move on to registered nursing. The training for this career happens mostly in the place of work, but there are some technical colleges with appropriate training programs available. Annual salary, hourly wage: $25,700 a year, $11.53 an hour. Suggested education: High School Diploma. | Cardiovascular Technologist | Cardiovascular technologists operate the imaging technology that assesses heart and blood vessel conditions in patients. | They cannot perform diagnoses, but they can work with machines that provide helpful images to cardiologists. With minimal training, it is easy to become a cardiovascular technologist. Annual salary, hourly wage: $53,050 a year, $25.04 an hour. Suggested education: Associate of Science in Cardiology or equivalent | Dispensing Optician | A dispensing optician is responsible for fitting eyeglasses and contacts for patients in an eye clinic or optometrist/ophthalmologist office. | Opticians do not require much career training to begin work, but they do have to be familiar with variances in eye care products and basic elements of optometry. They must understand how to clean and repair eyeglasses as necessary, and they have to have strong

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