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Right after graduating high school students are impacted with an important choice of; choosing a major in college, a job that will help them live their lifestyle they want or both. It’s an appalling decision to make because in high school many subjects were chosen for students and let alone students still had to ask for permission to use the bathroom. Many might accumulate to ask, “Can’t they choose their majors at a younger age?” Well, the answer is yes because of a model called career academy. Once implemented by Greendale High School District, all students entering high school will have the option to declare or choose an interest in a potential major to study when they are freshmen’s. Career academy should be adopted by Greendale High School District because it will allow them to give their full potential, better prepare them for the work field or major, and growing more towards their future career. Career academy captures the interest of many students to …show more content…
Students in career academy will choose courses towards their major as electives but will still be taking mandatory classes such as English, Math, and social studies. With that, employers are looking for employees who have more than just technical skills. Such as, good communication, and analytical thinking skills. This is great because overall, the mandatory subjects give good background towards in possible career. For example, English classes teach to read between the lines and analyze more. Or math class offers many problem-solving scenarios to help students think more critically. Then for social studies class, it opens the mind to several of topics from history, philosophy, economics, and so forth so studies are aware of the base of the study topics just mentioned. While learning the basics, they will also be studying towards the major they choose and allowing them to grow more knowledge in their concentrated area of

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