Care Givers Vs. Family Member Of Child Abuse Essay

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Care givers VS. Family member of child abuse
The general topic of concerns about child abuse is that happens in daycare centers or any caregivers that have to take care of children. The most concern to have in a daycare center coming from experience I have seen children being abused physically, and mentally. You would think that its not that much in common or that it could happen in daycare centers. I have seen my self as I stated In my previous sentence that in one particular day care center that I worked at I saw one child that was being abused and any abuse that a teacher see’s that they have to report to CPS. Which is child protective services. In the facility that I was working at the director of the school didn’t report the incident when I told her about the incident that child he was scared, and nervous to be around any caregivers.
In the articles that I have read, some of the journal articles had a two side of stories, and other stories had some statistics about child care and the abuse. I observed from the journal articles that I have cited helped me to better understand about my topic, because from one of the sources that I stated in the article such as mentally and physically abuse that happens such as brusies, cuts, burns, and the most important example is the face, parts of their bodies. This article helped me to better understand about more of my topic. The over all trends that is in most common in child abuse is that the children are scared and they will end…

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