Cardiovascular Disease Is The Number One Cause Death Of The World Today

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Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in the world today, and accounts for an economic impact totaling more than 320.1 billion dollars [1]. Many forms of cardiovascular disease require surgical intervention as treatment. In order to reduce trauma for patients, minimally invasive techniques are being developed to perform these surgeries on the beating heart. To access the heart while it is still beating, one option for surgeons is to enter the heart via the trasfemoral vein. This pathway allows for direct access into the right atrium and is used for both atrial ablation and MitraClip© surgeries. These surgeries are performed by maneuvering a catheter through the inferior vena cava into the right atrium and then require a transseptal puncture through the septal wall where the surgeon gains access to the left atrium. Once inside, the catheter can be directed to the desired location for each surgery. Due to variations in human anatomy and the complexity of maneuvering a catheter using imaging techniques, both of these procedures can be difficult. For atrial ablation this complexity has led to single procedure efficacy at one-year post surgery to be 65.3% [2]. For the MitraClip©, the surgery requires real time image guidance in which the mitral valve leaflets are identifiable. While performing this on the beating heart, it can be difficult to position the catheter and grasp the leaflets safely without interfering with other heart anatomy.…

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