Carbon Footprint Impact On The Environment

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In order to properly discus carbon foot print and the impact that it has on our environment we have to first define what it is to get a better understanding, second we will look to see my personal contribution and how that compares with the national average and then compare it on a global level we will end by identifying new ways to offset and reduce the impact on our environment.
Merriam Webster dictionary defines carbon footprint as the amount of greenhouse gases and specifically carbon dioxide emitted by something (as a person 's activities or a product 's manufacture and transport) during a given period (1) in other words when you drive your car from point a to point b the engine burns fuel which in turn creates certain amounts of CO2 varying on several factors such as type of vehicle driven, the vehicles fuel consumption and the distance drive. Other everyday activities also contribute such as the way in which you heat your house weather thru oil, gas, coal, even electricity emits some type of CO2 even food and goods attributes to the production of CO2 levels. Now that we know what a carbon foot print is we can discuss its effects on our environment, carbon dioxide is one of the main greenhouse gases that is causing global warming, when carbon dioxide is produced it
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Have no fear there are steps one can take to slow down and offset the harmful CO2 levels step one would be to become knowledgeable and accountable for your own contributions. While

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