Essay on Carbon Dioxide Is A Higher Temperature Than Normal Air

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My project is in proving that carbon dioxide reaches a higher temperature than normal air does. I wanted to study this subject to prove that global warming is indeed happening, because I am highly concerned for our planet’s future, and I hope to prove in this project that carbon dioxide can indeed cause the greenhouse effect.
Greenhouse Gasses: Greenhouse gases are gases that trap heat in the Earth’s atmosphere, causing the greenhouse effect. According to A Student’s Guide to Climate Change, the major greenhouse gasses present in the atmosphere are, carbon dioxide, making up around 64.3% of all greenhouse gasses, methane, making up around 17.0% of all greenhouse gases, nitrous oxide, which is around 6.0% of all greenhouse gases, fluorinated gases, making up around 0.8% of all greenhouse gases, and finally other gases known as CFCs, or chlorofluorocarbons, which make up about 11.9% of all greenhouse gases. These gases are naturally present in the Earth’s atmosphere, but due to the increase of fossil fuel-burning machinery, presence of these greenhouse gases has increased dramatically in the atmosphere, leading to global warming. According to the the EPA (The US Environmental Protection Agency), the largest sources of greenhouse gas emission in the United States of America are, electricity, making up around 30% of all greenhouse gas-emitting machinery, transportation, making up around 26% of all greenhouse gas-emitting machinery, industry, making up around 21% of all…

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