Essay on Car Driving By California, Brazil, Canada

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A car driving by itself to California, Brazil, Canada. What an interesting thought. This thought is becoming a reality seeing as the driver less car already exists. There is a lot of controversy around this driver less car on whether or not it should become a reality. Although many critics say that the driver less car is a crazy idea, the driver less car would be a great idea because of how beneficial they are all over the world.
Driver less cars are an exemplary idea because they are extremely efficient. Getting from place to place in a driver less car would become so easy and efficient. A driver less car would also have maps built into it so that it would have accurate measurement of everything around it as well as everything that will be around it in the future. According to “ It maps points in space using 64 rotating laser beams taking more than a million measurements per second to form a 3-D model in its computer brain that’s accurate to the centimeter. Preload maps tell the system where the stationary stuff is-- traffic lights, crosswalks, telephone poles--and the lidar fills in the landscape with moving objects like people” (Cars of Tomorrow-Still Not Flying). Not only can the driver less car efficiently take you all around all of the traffic lights and crosswalks efficiently because of its knowledge of the road, but it can communicate with cars in front of it to create a smoother drive, that is quicker because no driver less car will have to deal…

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