Capital Punishment : The Death Penalty Essay

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Attitudes towards Capital Punishment
Capital Punishment is described as the act of the government legally killing a person that is charged and convicted of committed a crime. The act of Capital Punishment is reserved for serious crimes that have been committed that usually involve the death or injury of a lot of people. The concept of the death penalty can be traced back all the way to eighteenth century B.C and located in the code of King Hammurabi (Introduction to the Death Penalty). Ever since the first introduction of the death penalty, there have been groups for and against the use of it. This drastic differencing opinion has never been more apparent than in today’s society; there are organizations, such as Fight the Death Penalty, that are for or against the use of death as a punishment for crimes. Each side of this story has arguments either for or against it that help to prove them right.
The Death Penalty is notorious for have a large group of supporters that stand behind what the actions does and what it means to the average person. Three major reasons that supporters of the Death Penalty use to justify their logic are: it is the top punishment for murder, it provides closure to the victims, and it is the best warning to people (5 Arguments for and against the Death Penalty). When someone commits a serious crime, like murder, it is not something that can be taken lightly by the criminal justice system; instead it must be met with a severe punishment to warn off…

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