Essay about Capital Punishment Should Be Used By The United States

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A person kidnaps a 12-year old girl; her beats her, rapes her, and then kills her, all without mercy. Another seeks out young boys to rape, then murder, mutilating the victims ' bodies. A person can go as far as necrophilia and bestiality, and yet, with all of these horrific happenings, a person is still allowed to live his/her life out (Fisher and Fisher). Each incident has actually happened in real life, and on more than one or even two separate occasions. Capital punishment should be used by the United States ' government to dispose of the most dangerous criminals in its society to ensure a safer social order and to better the way of life. After providing evidence of how this means of punishment is a deterrent to crime, showing how many interpretations of “cruel and unusual punishment” exist, and finally, discussing the various methods of execution to better understand just how sensible they have become, the grounds of capital punishment will be confirmed. People need to be aware of the reasons for capital punishment and need to know what it is. Capital punishment is the execution of a criminal after being convicted of an offense in a court of law; “death penalty” is another term used interchangeably with capital punishment. Capital punishment was used as the ultimate way of punishment for someone who has committed the heinous crime; the term “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life,” which was taken from long ago Babylonian tradition (“Capital…

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