Pro Death Penalty

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While this may be a more daunting topic to undertake, I believe the death penalty is one that should be dealt methodically in ordered to reach my desired point. It is excepted that death penalty laws were first set in place in eighteenth century B.C., there were many discrepancies along the way. However, in the present day twenty first century or the first century of the third millennium, the death penalty is becoming less and less know in the United States. It is customarily thought that the death penalty counterbalances Human Rights, established on 10-Decemcer-1948, claiming it cruel and unusual punishment, however, a multitude of the crimes committed by the solitary individuals were cruel and unusual. I see this in a different light, I believe that the death penalty should still be endowed upon those who commit implausible, horrendous acts …show more content…
Human Rights say, " The right to live life, and free from torture". Many argue that the death penalty violated the constitutional rights given. However, The New York Times makes a great point, " When pollsters seek the appropriate punishment for the worst of the worst- a man who rapes and tortures a child, a serial killer, a depraved mass murder such as Timothy McVeigh, etc.- overwhelmingly the people chose death as deserved.". This excerpt from a very qualified author having worked inside a max security prison for thirty years, brings to light that, a majority of the time, the person who is on trial will often take death as deserved over life in prison. These cruel people know that death is the easy way out, life in prison will be absolutely horrific for those who have committed excruciating crimes. For someone to say the death penalty offends and violates Human Rights, when often times the criminal has a choice between life in prison and being put to death, doesn't rank due to the fact there is another choice and you still choose to

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