Capital Punishment Should Be Legal Essay

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Napoleon Beazley was 17 in April 1994 when he killed a 63-year-old businessman called John Luttig in an attempt to steal a car. He was convicted and sentenced to death on 28 May 2002 aged 25. So the question here arises whether it is ethical to murder a criminal? Does capital punishment serve justice? I firmly believe that capital punishment should be abrogated. Capital punishment is Immoral and has a hypocritical nature. Capital punishment has failed to deter crime. There is a superior, more compassionate and cheaper alternative.

Capital Punishment is immoral and hypocritical. Capital punishment comes in numerous sorts like torture, electric chair, gas chambers, sawing, etc. In a society that is just and doting, The justice system would never use such barbaric ways to punish. Firstly, All methods of capital punishments are unscrupulous. It is a reality that some methods of capital punishment might inflict less pain on the persecuted, but However, all methods of capital punishment are inhumane because they all are based around the concept of murdering a human being. The Pope said : “There is no humane way to kill a human being.” For example, In Saudi Arabia, the common method of capital punishment is beheadings. While in the US, capital punishment is done through injections. In the end, both means of execution are brutish because they involve killing, but one obviously inflicts less pain. In the end, there is no humane way of killing an offender because all methods…

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