Essay about Capital Punishment Should Be Legal

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Capital punishment has been in place for 2 centuries. It has been outlawed in certain states but it is still used by our government. It tends to promotes fear which has been a method used for centuries to keep order. And over the past 10 years an average of 40 prisoners are executed yearly. But it also could be quite costly. The death penalty is 10 times more expensive than a life sentence. One side might say that peace and safely are worth the cost and that it is for the sake of the people. It may give them peace of mind which could keep them focus on their lives. Some debate if the government justified to be able to choose whether someone lives or die. And so that 's where the debate of morals and justice comes along which determines if the law should be kept or not. But it may not always black and white, there could be grey areas that people don 't pay attention to. These areas should be taken into consideration before making a choice to support or to oppose. There are multiple argument on both sides of this issue concerning whether or not if capital punishment is constitutional and morally right.
Does this law follow the rules of the constitution. Some could consider it a cruel and unusual punishment which could contradict the 8th amendment. Could our own constitution be against this law. Before they had conducted the executions by electric chair but they had changed it to a lethal injection. Is being given a deadly poison injection a more moral approach that being…

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