Capital Punishment Is The Cost Of The Execution Essay

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Capital Punishment is defined as the legally authorized killing of someone as punishment for someone. “In America there has been 1422 executions since 1976 and the number continues to grow week by week” (DPIC 1). Were those lives worth killing just because they killed someone else., or is a double standard present in how the United States government verifies capital punishment. Americans approve the death penalty because it deters crime and morality. A 2010 poll by Lake research showed that “33% of voters would chose the death penalty for murder” (DPIC 4) than any other punishment. The other “66% chose options such as life without parole or had no opinion on it” (DPIC 4). the disapproval of the death penalty for capital punishment was because of False Accusations, Botched Accusations, and the cost.
One of the latest arguments for the disagreement of the death penalty as capital punishment is the cost of the execution. It costs substantially more to execute people than to send them to prison for the rest of their lives. Why is the death penalty so expensive? It cost more to carry out death sentences, an “estimated 21 times more, because lengthy appeals follow a death sentence, and death row incarceration is expensive” (Lain 1). Over 2000 of America 's death row inmates have been waiting for execution for more than 6 years.
In an article called “The new Case Against the Death Penalty,” a research was done of the effect if California abolished the death penalty. The study…

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