Capital Punishment Is Justified By Death Essay

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Almost every person in the world is familiar with the term capital punishment. Capital punishment is simply punishment by death. The inmate would have had to commit a capital crime or a crime that would justify the killing. In 2015 alone there have been 27 inmates who have died by lethal injection. Some agree with capital punishment while others feel no person has the right to take someone’s life. I will be explaining how the retributive theory and utilitarian theory both agree with capital punishment to a point, but have very different viewpoints on the reasons for doing it. While also presenting theories that are against capital punishment such as the virtue theory. Based on the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy the retributive theory “is the view that we ought to punish offenders because and only because they deserve to be punished. Punishment is justified, for a retributivist, solely by the fact that those receiving it deserve it.” For a retributivist the reasoning for killing a criminal would be justified, because they committed an act that makes it acceptable for them to be killed. An eye for an eye is a phrase used with retributive theory. Another theory that also is for capital punishment is the utilitarian theory. For a utilitarian there reasoning for capital punishment is somewhat different. They feel that capital punishment is justified by a purported ability to achieve future social benefits, such as crime reduction. The killing of a person is meant to deter…

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