Capital Punishment And Human Rights Essay

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Capital punishment is a denial of the most basic human rights; it violates one of the most fundamental principles under widely accepted human rights law, in which that states must recognize the right to life. The UN General Assembly has called for an end to capital punishment and human rights organizations agree that it breaks fundamental human rights standards. In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, under Article 3 life is said to be a human right. This makes the death penalty our most significant human rights violation. If governments have the right and power to extinguish lives, they also have the ability to deny access to every other right stated in the Declaration. This first most imperative right provides foundation to every other human right. The beginning and ending point for a human right based analysis must be that capital punishment is never steady with crucial human rights standards.
Besides denying the right to life, other basic rights are frequently breached in capital punishment’s application. The death penalty has been found to break the denial against cruel, inhumane, and degrading treatment, and there has additionally been a developing agreement that the death row violates against torture under international human rights law. In addition, capital punishment is regularly discriminatory in its use, thus violating the principle of non-discrimination.
In numerous parts of the world, capital punishment is currently for the most part understood to be a…

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