Essay on Capital Campaign For The Oklahoma Department Of Corrections

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Capital Campaign for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections
A Message That Matters In order to raise the funds necessary to build the new facilities that the Oklahoma Department of Corrections (DOC) needs, we must effectively communicate our central goals and plans to the public in a succinct message that explains why this funding is so important. The current director of the Oklahoma DOC states that there are capital needs in excess of $750 million for the prison system (Hoberock, 2016) and that correctional facilities currently operate at 122% of capacity. Director Allbaugh goes on to state that some facilities in the system are not safe for the staff, administration or the offenders themselves, and claims that it is just a matter of time before a serious accident occurs. In addition, some facilities have cells without functioning doors or locks, and several halfway houses do not have enough supervision (Hoberock, 2016). We have to communicate this need to the public in a way that inspires them to get behind our push for increased funding for the DOC. A campaign message of “Keep Oklahoma Safe” will be used as the headline for this capital raising effort. After Oregon State University raised even more capital funds than were needed for on-campus building projects, the vice president of the OSU Foundation stated that “the single most important factor contributing to our success is our maniacal focus on clearly identified and major gift fundraising priorities tied directly…

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