Essay on Capacity Of The Human Brain

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Capacity of the human brain

The brain is an incredibly complex organ in the human body, Scientists believed that most humans only use 10% of the brain capacity, that being said that leaves 90% of our brain not being used. It is also said to be that man do not use all of the brain functions at once, but that we use each of the brain functions separately throughout the day. What would happen if humans used 100% of brain power all at once, impossible or possible?
Imagine a power to be able to unlock all of the brain functions, all at once. The ability to move objects through space, being able to interact with computers, or to control the fall of the dice. Is it possible, well in the movies it is. For hundreds of years,” the myth is that humans only use 10% of the brains powers”, (, of course leave it to Hollywood to create a move about gaining access to all of the brains capacity due to a drug, that entered the blood stream, and unlocked each power, leading up to the full capacity of the brain. Back in 2014, Hollywood released an action, science-fiction, thriller movie, named “Lucy”, staring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman. The writer and director Luc Besson took ten years to develop the movie, during this time he worked to understand the development of the brain, and its’ process before he even began filming. He understood that the scientific side of the movie is not true and that it is just the fun of movies which causes…

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