Essay about Capabilities of the Mind

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Capabilities of the Mind

The ideology of life itself and self-discovery form under the influence of nameless sources that our minds may not yet comprehend. Alain de Botton, author of “On Habit” comes to a realization that not only he but the world have come to a conclusion that their universe seemed to be uninteresting and dull. Through the blurred vision of modern culture, as humans, what we perceive to be anything but the ordinary seems to bring about curiosity. By way of the attentions that allure the concentrations of individuals we force upon ourselves framed thinking and tolerate expectations. By Botton becoming introduced to Xavier de Maistre’s reading Journey around My Bedroom, and Nocturnal Expedition around my Bedroom, it had
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Alain de Botton postulates on the idea of monotony and the affect it has on the insights at hand; “The reason they weren’t looking was that they had never done so before. They had fallen into the habit of considering their universe to be boring- and it had duly fallen into the line with their expectations” (de Botton 62). He came to an understanding that his surroundings in London where he resides held much more than what he thought were uninteresting features in his city. That underneath all the places he thought were insignificant and all the things that seemed to be irrelevant were actually beautiful places in need to be recognized by its locales. With this kind of thinking, de Botton took in the mindsets of what De Maistre tried to get across and a whole new world opened up on his front lawn. De Botton used the travelling mindset De Maistre explained with his own neighborhood and with his new way of thinking, when out the habituation from which he lived in for so long. He became to grasp a better view of what was being offered to him in his environment, rather than ignoring it.
De Botton had noticed the crucial stages of knowing the impact habituation had on not only himself, but individuals who yearned for that new toy. De Botton emphasizes an idea to rediscover his surroundings by altering his take; “I forced myself to obey a peculiar kind of mental command: to look around me as though I had never been in this place before. And slowly,

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