Canada 's Law On Abortion Essay

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If Canada can 't trust women with a choice, how can Canada trust women with children? If Canada legislates a law on abortion, the country is telling women that their unborn "fetus [has] more constitutional rights than [her]."(Abortion Rights at Risk) If Canada places restrictions on, or if Canada makes abortions illegal this also increases the risks women face when they choose to have an abortion. With their choice gone, woman are forced into the position where they will have to endanger their lives as the law prevents them from receiving a safe abortion. By also having no law on abortion, it gives teenagers who become pregnant a choice, as teen pregnancy is dangerous on both the baby and the mother both emotionally and physically. The lives of the the Mother and the Baby will be put at risk without the option to have an abortion Therefore, it is in the best interest of Canadian society that Canada’s law on abortion should remain unrestricted.
Without the option of abortion, women worldwide would unjustly be forced into the role of motherhood. Denying this choice to women, forces the would be mother into a submissive role in society. Condemning this woman to a life as a second class citizen, since in various societies, mothers are considered second class citizens whose role alone in life is to raise and bear more children. Once a woman becomes a mother, her resources to education, employment, and health care become severely limited. By allowing these women to have the option…

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