Canada 's Demographics Are Changing The Health Care System Essay

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Canada’s demographics are changing. The baby-boomer generation is getting older, and the senior age group of the population ages 65 and older outnumber the youth demographic (fourteen years and younger). This is according to the Canadian Institute for Health Information (2011). The Institute also states that the senior’s population requires the most healthcare and they also require the most funding due to the frequency of visits to hospitals and clinics (Canadian Institute for Health Information, 2011, p.9). It has been predicted that as the population ages there will be issues with the financial capabilities of the already struggling health care system (“Is Our Health Care System Underfunded?”, 1983), and due to the financial struggles, the health care workers will be affected, which then results in alterations of the quality of care provided for the patients. As the population grows, the healthcare system will need to grow to accommodate their illnesses and injuries.
The Financial Difficulties
As Canada’s senior population goes up in age, there will be changes in the finances needed to care for them. The healthcare system is responsible for providing care for Canadian citizens, and with the rising costs of treating the senior population, there will be an impact on how the system will proceed in the future.
The costs of treatment. First, the aging population will be older and as a person ages they experience more problems with their health. As these people need to be…

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