Essay on Can You Really Put A Price On Education?

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Can You Really Put a Price on Education? Many people would agree that college tuition has been drastically increasing over the years. According to Forbes “Between 1993 and 2007, total university expenses rose 35%”. This increase in tuition costs has made paying off college tuition debt increasingly difficult for young people. College students struggle day to day as their debt looms above them constantly, a reminder of what they will someday need to pay back. Education is the building block of society, it is an imperative part of life. It propels students into the real world, having prepared them for whatever comes their way. Education is a tool students will carry with them throughout life. Some students even base their major on what will leave them with the least debt after school. Each major is unique in it’s own way, therefore tuition should vary from degree to degree. I truly believe that students pursuing highly in demand careers should pay less college tuition than other students going into different majors on the same campus because colleges who implemented this tuition change would allow students to thrive in their careers, prompt them to think carefully about their career path, and attract more students into these needed careers. Colleges across the nation, especially technical schools, are excelling because they are orientated towards drawing students into needed career fields. They offer lower tuition to lure students into these careers that are desperately in…

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