Essay on Can Mixing Genders While Playing Sports

1346 Words Feb 14th, 2016 6 Pages
All my life I have been an athlete playing all kinds of sports, whether it be for school or on my spare time. One thing I always noticed, which is not very unusual, is that men and women always have their respected teams, and never do they actually participate in the same teams. In every sport there are different categories where one involves a women’s team, and another involves a men’s team, and this is of course for obvious reasons. Men and women have different abilities, and capabilities, their requirements and the expectations from the audience are different from one another, but does this mean that men and women are completely incapable of playing of the same team? Is it possible that a woman playing on the men’s team, or vice versa, can prove to be advantageous, or is the way we have it now the only possible way that sports can be played? For my personal project I asked the question: can mixing genders while playing sports prove to be advantageous for the players and team, or will there only be negative effects? How much of an effect does mixing genders have when calculating the skills and play style of athletes? I don’t believe that all women are equally as skilled as all men, this is the reason for why the two genders are separated in the first place, however, this doesn’t mean that there is not a single woman that is capable of keeping her ground while playing on a men’s team. This project isn’t to prove that women should absolutely, without a doubt, be able to…

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