Can Alternative Energy Effectively Replace Fossil Fuels? Essay

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Can Alternative Energy Effectively replace fossil fuels?

Have you ever wondered if the world would be a cleaner place with humans harnessing the earth 's natural energy? The issue of whether or not alternative energies are able to efficiently replace fossil fuels, with low cost and low harm to the environment, remains controversial today. An alternative resource is one that is intended to replace another without the unwanted side effects ("Alternative”). Scientists and environmentalists are striving to figure out if alternative energies are effective in categories such as economics, ethics, politics, and the environment.


The most common fossil fuels include natural gas, fuel oil, and coal. The main reason why we use fossil fuels today is due to the well developed technology we have to harness it, since we have been using it to power our world for decades. They don’t require new technology or extensive researches for it as well. Compared to some alternative energies, they are relatively cheap and a reliable source of energy (Maehlum). Converting the energy to liquid, solid or gas is also easy (“Pros and Cons”).

Alternative energies can include Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Biomass, Hydroelectric, Nuclear and more. Replacing fossil fuels with alternative, renewable energies would reduce U.S. global warming emissions (“Benefits”). While Wind, Solar, and Hydroelectric systems do not produce harmful emissions when generating power, geothermal and biomass emit some…

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