Exemplification Essay: The City Of Camel Topia

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The city of Camel topia is a perfect city with riches beyond anyone 's wildest dreams. The city is ruled by King Mohammed the VIII, a glorious ruler that has made the city literally perfect. There is no conflict in the Utopia of Camel Topia and every camel lives for an upscale of a thousand years. There is however a grim secret that lurks in the minds of only two camels in Camel Topia. King Mohammed and his trusted servant, Pepe. The two camels are the only ones who know that the residents of “The Golden City” are not the only camels in existence. Outside of the gates of Camel Topia resides a disastrous group of feral camels with the single goal of taking over the city. These camels are led by “The Pale Camel.” Otherwise known as “The Ghost …show more content…
Camels can’t really help it you see, they often times just blankly stare at nothing in particular for long periods of time thinking about random things that truly do not matter. To Camels this was a normal recurring thing that happened on average 38 times a day.

Pepe got up off his knees and rolled up his bedroll in the neatest fashion. He had a long day ahead of him serving the King in absolutely any way imaginable. Pepe did not choose to be a servant, King Mohammed the VIII handpicked him out of 100 of the dopest Camels to choose from. He was proud to serve at the King 's side, and little did he consider the King his boss or ruler, but more like his friend. Pepe gathered his essentials and swiftly but carefully stowed them into his satchel. Pepe lumbered out of his room pushing through the golden purple curtains draped over the entrance. Stumbling down the front steps he galloped through the marketplace in which he stopped at the sight of a delicious looking cactus. Pepe simply picked it up in his teeth and continued on route to the palace, there was no currency in Camel Topia. Anything a Camel could ever want, that Camel could have. This was the reward for working so hard everyday, everyone shared the mind set that their job was for the betterment of the city. This was quite enough incentive for Pepe, he had a strong sense of pride for Camel Topia, and
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He stopped waddling and looked into the quickly darkening sky. Rain drops began to loosely fall from the sky as though a celestial being was watering his beautiful golden garden. The rain slowly picked up it’s pace, as did Pepe. He could see the palace from there and it was only a few leagues away. Pushing through the growing storm with heightened determination Pepe reached the main doors leading to the Palace. The magnificent golden double doors parted upon his arrival at the perfect timing, and there stood King Mohammed VIII awaiting the arrival of his humble servant and faithful companion. The king is lean and toned from head to toe. He was considerably taller than any camel Pepe had ever seen, and just one peripheral view of the majestic creature made certain that their was no doubt he was the ruler of this great city. He wore deep purple canvas blankets on his hump, wrapped with golden silk to top off his awe inspiring outfit. Atop his head sat a traditional golden crown of the finest craftsmanship with dazzling flawless amethysts to complete the magical piece of

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