Call Of The Wild Essay

1215 Words Dec 14th, 2015 5 Pages
As we get older, we are confronted with challenges of all sizes, big or small, and we must learn how to persevere and endure through them. In Call of the Wild, Buck came across many obstacles in his life, most made him experience physical pain. He was forced to adapt to his new savage and harsh conditions, unless he wanted to die. My mom, in contrast, wasn’t forced into her situation, she was curious and put herself in her dilemma. In spite of all the good around her, she suffered through emotional pain and betrayal. Both of Buck and my mom’s situations were complicated and difficult, and it put them both in pain, leaving them vulnerable at times. However, they both persevered so they could achieve happiness in the end, and it ended up being the right thing to do. Each being in our society will most likely go through rough times in their life in which they will need to persevere, like my mom and Buck. In Call of the Wild, Buck was forced to go through challenges as he got older, but he chose to persevere through each one to find his calling in the end. One of the challenges that put Buck through his journey was being taken from his sunny California home, living the dream life, and he was taken and put through abuse for the first time. He was introduced to coarse ropes, whips, and animal abuse by humans. A little into Buck’s journey, he was sold by the Scotch Half Breed to Hal, Mercedes, and Charles who didn’t know what they were doing with the dogs. At first they overfed…

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