Essay California 's Gas Prices Overpriced

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California’s Gas Prices Overpriced California since the gold rush has been known as the “Golden State” where it’s flooded with multicultural richness from the beaches to the mountains. California today is the most densely populated state with 38.8 million residents and is still rising, however, not only is the population ever increasing so are gas prices. Allysia Finley an editorial writer from The Wall Street Journal states, “The national average is $2.76 a gallon, while the Golden State drivers pay $3.88. Eco-virtue is expensive” (Finley 1). Gas prices in California has left an effect of overpriced due to many contributing factors: regulation over the environment, overconsumption, and how rational people think at the margin.
Finley emphasizes how the local price of California has surpass the national average price, and demonstrates why this event only occurs in the state of California. On the other hand, this increased in price of gas has not affected other states, and she wonders why California’s residents have been the only ones troubled with the outrage prices of $4.30 or $5.49, while everyone else pays half or less than that. Main factors that are culprit to California’s expensive gasoline are regulations created by politicians and activist. Their incentive is to live a green healthy live for the planet Earth, and they have now forced people to follow their path to stopping overconsumption by increasing prices to reduce the consumer surplus. These people have…

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