Cake Film Analysis

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Cake, a movie released in 2005, was directed by Daniel Burnz and produced by Jennifer Aniston. A real life tragedy involving his own family which inspired the screenplay, written by Patrick Tobin (1). The film stars Jennifer Aniston, Anna Kendrick, Sam Worthington, Felicity Huffman, Adrian Barraza and Chris Messina. I chose the movie Cake as I sought to establish what Jennifer Aniston could achieve in a dramatic role, instead of her usual romantic comedy genre. As the movie’s producer she had a vested interest in its success. She plays Claire Bennett, a mentally and physically traumatized woman trying to cope with the aftermath of a car accident that ravaged her body with scars and killed her young son. The part of Claire was an ambitious …show more content…
The focal point of discussion of that day’s discussion was deceased group member Nina, and her recent suicide. Annette, the group’s counselor, instructs the members to share how Nina’s suicide affected each of them. When it’s Claire’s turn to share, she defiantly reveals the details of Nina’s death (although we never know how she has this information but no one else does). She describes how she leapt from a freeway overpass and landed on the bed of a truck that carried her all the way to Acapulco, Mexico, before being discovered. Claire’s comments are “Way to go, Nina!” and “I hate it when suicides make it easy on the survivors.” The rest of the group responds with shocked expressions and her account of events triggers many of the members to breakdown and cry. Her gruff and insensitive attitude continues on throughout the film. She gets asked later in a phone call from Annette the group counselor to leave the group due to her anger issues. Annette, a straight laced, soft-spoken counselor is portrayed by Felicity …show more content…
Her first appearance is on a raft, in the pool. Claire doesn’t sleep well due to constant pain, so she takes nighttime floats to take the pressure off her body. Nina goads Claire, suggesting that she too should kill herself since she is an atheist and accuses her of having no morals. The scene ends with the two having a physical altercation in the pool, and then she wakes up. Nina’s appearances are sprinkled throughout the plot and show Claire’s struggle to cope with her various different emotions. One morning Nina appears bedside, after Claire had spent the night lying next to Roy, played by Sam Worthington, Nina’s widower. Nina is angry that she is with him and tells her he doesn’t even like her and that he is still mourning her. She appears again in a scene where Claire has overdosed and is hospitalized. She delivers a giant cake to her and asks her to blow out the candles. Next, she is at the window and throws the cake out and then jumps from the sill. This dream upset Claire and may have served as a warning about what fate awaited her if she didn’t change her thoughts. In Nina’s final appearance Claire is lying across the train tracks and contemplating suicide. Nina seems to want to protect her by telling her that she is “running out of time” [for the train to get to them].
A pivotal moment in the movie is when Claire visits her physical therapist and apologizes for her angry outburst

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