The True Nature Of Fracking By Phelim Mcaleer

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In recent years, developments and innovations in technology and sciences have allowed for people to reach new depths into the Earth’s crust. In the Earth’s crust, there is an abundance of natural resources that civilization seeks in fueling in future with the use of natural gas, oil, etc. Therefore, people have taken the opportunity with new developments such as fracking to essentially extract those natural resources from the very depths of the earth. However, there are potential complications that come with the extraction of natural gas as fracking inputs a vast amount of water, sand, and chemicals into deep layers of earth. Moreover, sovereign states must deal with these possible complications and are inquired to impose various regulations upon those that frack for natural gas. …show more content…
With different motives and objectives for their documentaries on the topic of fracking. The environmentalist Josh Fox and Journalist Phelim McAleer embark on different journeys to show their audiences about the true nature of fracking within their respective movies Gasland and Fracknation. While the filmmakers seemingly maintain a shared concern for the environment throughout their respective films on the issue over the preservation of the United States public health and water supply in reflection to fracking. Josh Fox takes a pessimistic view on the notion of fracking within the United States and puts on a on a display of the supposed effects of fracking on the people; however, Phelim as a journalist, seems to get to the facts on the issue, shedding light on how the fracking industry works in obtaining natural gas. Although the human element can be convincing, the use of logos is the most effective way to structure an

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