Essay on Caffeine Consumption On Cardiovascular Health

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The search in PubMed, Proquest Medical Library, and CINAHL Complete returned 7,746 articles, of which 15 met the inclusion criteria. The results of this systematic review are used to address the beneficial aspects of caffeine consumption on cardiovascular health in middle aged women. Additionally, the results are used to investigate the effects of caffeine on blood pressure and look at certain health benefits of caffeine products such as chocolate, tea, caffeine pills, soda, and coffee.
Caffeine Consumption The first of the 15 articles that were selected for the review were used to determine the cardiovascular benefits of caffeine consumption. Each article reveals different information and correlations between caffeine consumption and cardiovascular health. A study by Alkerwi et al. (2015) addresses the impact of caffeine consumption, specifically from tea, and health benefits. The population of this study was derived from a cross-sectional stratified sample of 1,352 individuals of ages 18-69 years. Of this population, tea consumers (who comprised 36.3% of the population) were more likely to be younger women who were nonsmokers with better cardiometabolic profiles and less chronic pathologies. Those who were coffee consumers (88% of the population) were more likely to be older individuals with an increased chance of being a smoker, of having slightly worse cardiometabolic profiles, and of having more chronic pathologies. Adjustments for age, sex, education,…

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