Caffe Nero Essay

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Executive summary In this report, the mission statement for Caffe Nero is make sure food and service are excellence in all four areas to achieve their aim. Besides that, Caffe Nero also providing their customers with good quality coffee and comfortable environment to their customers. There are 3 main important to be successful - A high quality and well defined offering, focus on brand value, selective site acquisition and disciplined roll-out. Next, SWOT analysis has included in this report because it can help the company planning and make a good decision. The SWOT analysis had been written in the appendix. In The stakeholders, it included suppliers, government, shareholders, pressure group, media and customers. In the appendix, the …show more content…
Many opportunities have arisen to accelerate the roll out in UK and internationally but management is refusing to sacrifice the core brand value. * Selective site acquisition and disciplined roll-out – Caffe Nero avoid premium high street and retail park rents. Management have also resisted the temptation to take marginal sites simply to achieve greater store numbers. The roll-out is tightly controlled.
SWOT analysis (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat) is the findings of the internal and external audits. This SWOT analysis may providing insight this company’s probability for success. SWOT analysis can help company planning and decision making. (Appendix 1)

Stakeholders are a person, group, organizations or can be affected by an organization. In the business stakeholders can include creditors, shareholder, customers, employees, governments, suppliers and others person who in the business.
All organizations have a wide of internal and external stakeholders. External stakeholders include suppliers, financiers, central and government, shareholders and also customers. If the Caffe Nero need start a business in a new country like China, they must deal and contract with some different stakeholders. * Supplier – supplier is one of the important in the company because supplier can supply raw material to firm to produce its products. If Caffe Nero starts the business they must contract with coffee, tea suppliers,

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