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Jesse J. Miller12/10/2017NET-637Shinra Corp CafeI.Organization Background[ The business I am designing for my case study is an internet-cafe called Shinra Corp Cafe. This business caters to in-house competitions for local events. It is also a central hub for gamers in surrounding areas and for other technology enthusiasts to gather, meet, and exchange ideas.]Finding information about sales and business success rates for a newer emerging style of businesses is a challenging task. However, researching business locations did lead to some quantitative data. Internet cafes, also known as e-cafes, are very successful in Asia and many parts of Europe. In the United States, they are still unknown and very limited in
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Miller12/10/2017NET-637Shinra Corp Café has also teamed with local school districts, in each branch location, and created an after-school program.B.Types of workersStaffing the locations for each branch consisted of hiring a network administrator on-site at all times, in case a network breach occurs or in case a critical network failure happens. Having at least 2 people in this role was ideal so that whoever isn't working can also offer their opinion and support from home through remote logging. A hardware specialist was needed also, to repair and to replace the machines over time. Part-time help was hired for concession distributions and for point-of-sales (PoS) terminal transactions. One additional employee is tasked with scheduling the customer's PC time rentals on site. Finally, a manager is tasked with making sure all these roles are filled and maintained for day-to-day operations. C.Types of computer hardware, software, and networks.Having the right hardware and software is a major key to the success of my business as well. Routers with AD standards have been implemented at all branches. I have acquired a T1 connection for my company to keep up with the necessary throughput and reliability needed for the network. Very high bandwidth and speeds allow for my networks to support many clients, such as, during a busy rush hour. In terms of the desktops themselves, I was able to build them with a cost of $400-$500, a piece. These builds provide the hardware …show more content…
Miller12/10/2017NET-637II.Security Plan and PoliciesA.Security Risks sectionSurveillance systems are in place to prevent break-ins and to be used as evidence if need be. Property theft is just one threat, unauthorized access into the company’s network also has to be prevented by the network administrators and also with an IDS to help monitor traffic. As mentioned earlier, off-site storage of sensitive information is another security measure I take. A UPS is needed also, in case of power outages. Having antivirus programs to prevent rootkits and malware is an extra security measure as well. Finally, I have implemented other software blocking programs and hardware locks on all the workstations for the on-site locations.B.Organizational Security PolicyAll employees have agreed to follow an Organizational Security Policy. This Policy’s scope includes the on-site network and resources, as well as the off-site secured network. The off-site secured network has more of a focus on confidentiality, for the network administrators than the on-site one. The policy covers areas such as the responsibility of complying with the policy, as well as the actions that are taken for non-compliance, such as termination. In addition, it covers password policies, computer acceptability use, and an Incident Response plan for network intrusions and data

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