CSR Analysis Of IKEA

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Now a day’s corporations need to ensure that they act ethically and contribute in various positive ways towards the society. To maintain, a social and sustainable company, each corporation performs a CSR report that tackles the company’s economic, ethical, social and environmental responsibilities, in which it communicates the necessary information to its employees and stakeholders. IKEA is a multinational company established in Sweden that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, appliances and various home accessories. Every year, IKEA aims to improve its customer’s life through the products they offer. As of the year 2015, IKEA’s main strategy is “Planet & People Positive”, this enables them to work towards achieving its goals in offering …show more content…
IKEA’s offers an extremely rich CSR report.
The report starts with a message from the CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer, sharing their current and ongoing goals that will be tackled throughout the upcoming years. It continues to share the vision and mission, as well as the stepping stones in growing IKEA. The CSR report outlines in detail on the various issues that the society is undertaking, such as climate change and the ways that IKEA plans on confronting such issues as a corporation. Furthermore, IKEA further discusses the many and different key facts and issues such as inventing products for a healthier living and using LED for efficient energy, while supporting it using data that is presented through graphs, pictures, tables and many more. it is evident that IKEA is achieving its environmental responsibilities as a corporation. Moreover, the report illustrates the extent to which the company is socially involved, by providing a corporation that offers equality, diversity and basic ethical rights. In addition to a safe and healthy environment within the
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In terms of being socially responsible, JYSK builds a strong relationship between its employees and clients, to ensure their needs are met, and it is essential through communication. The information given by JYSK, emphasizes the importance of integrating environment in the organization, retail stores and the products they sell. As a large corporation, JYSK highlights the influence of sustainability, which consist of society, environment and the economy, which is key in their organization’s CSR. As the company continues to run an organization while being socially responsible, is a challenge. However, JYSK’s goal is to always update their methods and create new developments, by understanding and learning about their surroundings. Moreover, they are willing to continue and understand to ensure they are socially responsible through initiating work relations with outside organizations and various

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