CPT History

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What is CPT? I don’t mean the abbreviation for carpet or captain, certified personal trainer, or even college placement test. No, I mean the CPT that is an acronym that stands for Current Procedural Terminology. CPT is a copyrighted, coding system which was first developed in 1966. It was created and is maintained and published by the American Medical Association. CPT is the U.S. standard for coding medical procedures. Initially, it was developed to serve as a way to keep records of medical procedures that were performed. In 1983, it was mandated to be used for all medical billing. CPT now involves coding with a five-digit number all of the services or procedures that a medical practitioner or facility provides to a patient. This can include medical, surgical, and diagnostic services. Let’s look at some key points on how CPT is used, what exactly its purpose is, and learn about its history and development. …show more content…
It works as a dependable conveyance countrywide between physicians and other healthcare providers and patients. CPT uses detailed terms and codes in order to list the procedures and services. It is the most accepted system in the U.S. that is used to record medical procedures and services in both public and private health insurance organizations. In 2000, CPT was named the national standard under HIPAA. CPT is also useful in providing a basis of local, regional, and national usage of services and procedures for medical education and research. The CPT book list its codes with five digits that have descriptions of each service performed by health care

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