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CIBC has created many programs to improve the satisfaction and motivation of their employees. Each program is designed to meet the appropriate standards and requirements for several hygiene and motivational factors.

Hygiene factors such as quality of supervision, salary, status, job security, safety and security, and company policies and administration are of top priority to CIBC. These factors are regulated to meet high standards to ensure that employees will not become dissatisfied with their work.

Managers are the front line to the quality of supervision that employees are most frequently exposed to at CIBC. They are given the important task of acting as role models, to follow and answer questions about the company’s code of conduct
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All company policies are made within the framework of the law. Should an employee fail to follow the guidelines and procedures they should contact their manager who will take the matter up with Corporate Security. Honesty and integrity is at the core of all business operations at CIBC. This is a key requirement for many employees since according to the 2014 CIBC Employee Survey Results, 81% of the employees say they would recommend a friend who is seeking employment to join the CIBC …show more content…
For that reason, it is important for CIBC to retain their employees as they are an integral part of its operations. A large part of keeping employees is to making sure that the state of the work environment is excellent, the job provides enough challenge to keep them interested, and there is opportunity for growth. If this theory is not put into practice at CIBC then the voluntary turnover rate for employees would be very higher than the industry average. This theory is also important to the entire financial services industry because it is based on customer service, the quality of which is largely dependent of the employees. Therefore, if employees are not motivated and dissatisfied with their jobs then this will be reflected in poor customer service which will eventually lead to a reduction in customers, and the potential failure of the business. Employees in a customer service oriented industry are the face the business, so it is important for these companies to apply this theory to ensure that employees are receiving satisfaction and motivation from their

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