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Reech - CBRE AlternativeReal Estate LLP, also based in London, is a joint venture with the number one real estate in England, and one of the leaders on the world market. It is responsible for investing in the real estate market, with a double expertise: industry knowledge that comes from CBRE, financial management and Reech.

The last group entity is Reech AiM SA, located in Geneva, which is an alternative management company also ordered that investing on the market for raw materials such as oil or diamonds.

Next, we have an organizational chart of the group, with different colors representing different departments or sectors responsible for each entity:

The black represents Geneva

And the last, Paris,
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They employ about sixty people: forty in London, in Paris and three fifteen in Geneva. We can say that the average age was around 35 years, so it was a very young equipped.

All farms have launched joins pooling strategy: try to be market neutral, meaning that although the market varies, the strategy of the estates should not be in relation to market trends.

They released two farms in 2007:

Iceberg Alternative Real Estate Fund in May: the farm is born from the joint venture between Reech AiM and CBRE, which operates in the property market

In 2008, despite the crisis, they decided to launch three estates:

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The goal of the company is looking for customers who invest in the farms to increase targeted assets and also increase the leverage effect: the more money reach gather, the more could you ask lends money.

This type of investment is only reserved for individuals or companies with financial modeling domain. Then, potential customers are not very numerous: only concerned institutions, banks, pension funds, HNWIs (people with high net worth), funds of funds - ie funds that invest in other funds - and endowments - departments of public entities generally having a budget to
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{Text: list-item} Reech AiM, which survived the crisis, has some strengths:

It is a small structure with a highly skilled workforce in the sector: most employees come from large schools such as LSE, ESSEC, Polytechnique, LBS ...

Its market neutral policy allowed them, although they suffered from the crisis also try the worst.

They have a very strict management department of risk, allowing them to reduce the risks of losses.

The Joint-Venture with the giant real estate allowed them to establish their reputation in real estate and generally were allowed to be known basic investor

It is a company that, with its organization dedicated to research and development, innovation win.

Regarding its weaknesses, are for the most part, consequences of the crisis: the current economic crisis has created a Credit Rating crisis does not allow lend money easily, and there is also a dislike of investments because investors fear losing their money .

In addition, we can emphasize a change in the regulations that were again tightened after the crisis.

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