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Study Guide
C181: Survey of United States Constitution and Government
C181 Study Guide
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Chapter 1
1. What is sovereignty and how is it threatened in our globalized world?
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What major constitutional amendments expanded the rights of suffrage in the United States?
-How does the expansion of suffrage in the U.S compare with other nations?
3. How does voter turnout in the United States compare to other countries?
4. What is meant by the “standard socioeconomic model” (SES) for explaining political participation? 5. Given the high level of education in the United States does actual voting turnout align to what the standard socio economic model would predict?
6. In your opinion how can political participation both help and undermine order?
Chapter 8
1. How does a political party differ from an interest group?
2. What are the major functions of political parties?
3. Identify the major eras in the development of U.S. political parties. What were key events in each phase?
4. Explain why America has a Two-Party System.
5. What is party identification?
-How has it changed over time?
6. What are the major differences between Democratic and Republican Party platforms with respect to freedom, order and equality?
-Democratic Party
-Republican Party
7. Do the two major American political parties fulfill the principles in the Model of Responsible
Party Government?
8. (Optional) Explain the organizational structure of political
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3. Explain the main ideas in the following Supreme Court cases on the 1
-Lemon v. Kurtzman
-Sherbert v. Verner
(Strict Scrutiny or
-Tinker v Des Moines
-Symbolic Speech
-Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission
4. Explain the main ideas and legal standards from these Supreme Court cases:
-District of Columbia v. Heller
McDonald v. Chicago
-Mapp v. Ohio
-Miranda v. Arizona th 5. How is ‘due process’ in the 14
Amendment applied to State laws and Civil Rights?
6. What is the USA Patriot Act? How does that impact civil liberties?

7. What is the ‘right to privacy?’
-How was it created out of the Bill of Rights?
8. Explain the main ideas and legal standards from these related Supreme Court cases:
Griswold v Connecticut
-Roe v. Wade
Lawrence v. Texas
Chapter 16
1. Explain the following Supreme Court decisions that dismantled school segregation and their significance. Also, how does each of the following expand or limit civil rights?
-Dred Scott
v. Sanford -Plessy v. Ferguson
-Brown v. Board of Education I & I
-Regents of the University of California v Bakke th 2. Explain the major ideas of the 14
3. Compare

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