Essay about C02520 Analysis 2.1

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K. Pointer
CO2520 Analysis 2.1 (Week 3)
Societal Influences on Communication and Perception In today’s society it would appear that we are communicating more as time passes with the addition to social media into individual lives. With applications such as Twitter, YouTube, and Face book, people are able to communicate with people around the world almost instantly as well as see the things that are being experienced in other countries. However, even though this has somehow made the world seem a bit smaller, communication has not gotten better. Miscommunication is actually now more readily noticeable because of the amount of social media that is available. We begin to see the societal and cultural factors that lead to misunderstandings
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There are also cultural factors that influence perception and communication between individuals. Each culture has its own sensory model that it follows and what a culture emphasizes affects what its members pay attention to and prefer. So one culture may prefer one thing while another prefers something different and if the individuals from that culture weren’t raised to be open minded the communication could falter. Speech is also affected by ones cultural background. You may have a person that remains more reserved when holding a conversation because of not trusting you just yet. However, someone from a different cultural background may feel that it is best to strike up a conversation with a stranger in order to get to know them and even this can change depending on that person’s age. An elderly person from the same culture might view an issue completely different from a younger person which definitely influences communication. These societal and cultural differences are what create the perception factors that affect communication today. Depending on what level or status you hold in society determines how you feel about certain things as well as how you view others. Individual characteristics, along with one’s cultural background, as well as their cognitive ability to understand the situation determines how people of today communicate. Even though social media has expanded the avenue for communication people still need to allow

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