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There were many differences and similarities between the rise of the Islamic and Byzantine Empires. Both of these empires rise to power was greatly influenced by military force. The Byzantine Empire had both a strong navy and military, while the Islamic Empire had the Rashidun Army. Another key similarity in the rising of the two empires was the influence of trade. Both of the empires helped develop and come to be through traveling merchants along the Silk Road. Even though how the empires cam

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The Byzantine Empire trade was one of the biggest economic foundations, and they also were avid traders on the Silk Road, which brought much cultural diffusion and was a major reason how the empire rose to power. A solid foundation of trade definitely helps these empires ascend because it provides cultural diffusion and many other products the empires were lacking. Also, it is very clear these empires would not of been what they were, because without trade the Islamic religion could not of spread and the Byzantine Empire couldn’t of gained its great wealth.
There were many differences between the risings of the two empires. First, the types of governments the two empires had were very different. The Byzantine Empire was an absolute monarchy having a secular absolute ruler, while the Islamic Empire was a Caliphate, which was an aristocratic-constitutional Republic. The reason they had different governments was the Islamic Empire was rising in power through the spread of its religion so they needed a leader of religious and state matters. While, religion was not as an important factor in the rising of the Byzantine Empire so they would just have one secular ruler. Secondly, how the empires formed and rose to power was very different. The Byzantine Empire was part of the Roman Empire in its earlier stages. After the western part of the Roman Empire fell, the Byzantine Empire gained much grown and rose to power. The Islamic Empire started after Muhammad revelations
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