Buying Products Made For The Environment Essay

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Buying products made in the U.S.A is better than buying foreign products because it’s better for the environment. According to Sarah Mazzone “Adopting a “buy local” lifestyle has many benefits.Buying a locally made product means the item is shipped a shorter distance. This uses less energy in the form of fossil fuels and decreases the number of emissions generated. Less transport also means a product requires less packaging”( Article “5 Ways Buying American Made Helps the Environment”, par. 3). This demonstrates that buying American made products helps our environment because it leaves a smaller carbon footprint by using less fuels that can harm the environment and the less the products travels there will be less packaging to throw away.Don Buckner claims that many foreign manufacturers that import goods into the U.S cause a lot of pollution that harms the atmosphere, and if we want to change that, buying American made products is our best options because the American manufacturers follow strict regulations that help our environment by reducing pollution( Article “Why Buy American”,par.5).According to this evidence buying American is better because many manufactures in the U.S follow regulations that helps our environment because it reduces the chances of affecting the environment and there is less pollution . Simple American styles observe that “Do your part to keep our world a little bit cleaner! Buying products Made Here In America reduce the pollution created when…

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