Busn460 Week 1 - 2 Analysis Report Essay

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Team A – All Pro Consulting Week 2 Analysis Report
Kai Chan
Mary Ann Insall
Jason Borron
Thomas Burris
Marcus Coss

DeVry University

Introduction CanGo, Inc., founded in 1996 by founder and CEO Elizabeth and her friend Andrew, is located in Hudson Valley. It is an online company that is able to offer a wide variety of books, music and videos to consumers and end users. In addition to that, the company also recently included online gaming service for a low subscription fee. Although it was stated in the video that the company quickly became the fastest growing company in Hudson Valley with its larger than expected growth over the last few years, it is clearly all by chance. They may have been growing tremendously, but the
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A budget made for CanGo Inc. can help to know how much is spent and how much it expects to spend money. Many companies create a budget on an annual basis so they can carefully outline the expected needs of each department in the business (Vitez, 2012). As a result Can Go is in need of a budget to save money for the inputs or outputs of the company. The use of accounting tools will help to see the financial budget of CanGo Inc. for its new market product.
Issue Four The fourth issue we have found with CanGo is their customer service or lack thereof. CanGo is in a very competitive industry in which a customer can easily find another source for the products they are seeking. CanGo has two primary ways of taking orders from potential customers, online and by telephone, and based on secret shopper reports and other reports found in the memorandum section of the CanGo intranet; both of these services need a complete overhaul to fulfill customer needs. As mentioned in the “Discussion Notes on the Customer Service Process” within the companies intranet, customers spend a large amount of time navigating the menus within the phone system and then complaining about the overall process to the operator whom they finally get in contact with. When tallied up the total time a customer could spend on the phone resolving simple issues could be well over a half hour and sometimes longer for more complicated issues. Rather than sending the

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