Essay about Business Value Of Ipv6 For Ipv6

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Business value of IPv6
The business value of IPv6 cannot be ignored. Cost effectiveness is always the factor that enterprise cares about. With the adoption of IPv6, companies can reduce the expenditure of network administration. However, enterprise should think further to establish the groundbreaking business strategy through the advantages of IPv6. This section discusses the Business value of IPv6 on cost aspect and practical aspect as suggestion for company to refer.
• IPv6 product life cycle
IPv6 had been designated as the next generation of Internet protocol. The feature of IPv6 allows the device to be used for a long period. That means enterprise does not need to frequently replace the IPv6 infrastructure and system. Since saving the cost of replacing, the company can increase the flexibility of their IT budget. (Das, How Enterprise is gearing up for IPv6 to build the Next Generation Networks 2008)
• Enhance network administration
The administration in IPv6 network becomes more effective than IPv4 configuration. The auto-configuration feature supports IT staff complete the network configuration in a short time. Due to there is no need to rely on the technology of mitigating the shortage of IPv4, network administers can increase the effectiveness of network management and operation in IPv6 environment.
• Mobile IP environment
The mobile devices are granted a public IP address in IPv6 network environment. There is no special setting to support the mobile IP addressing,…

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