Lanway Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Therefore in order to effectively use these resources, they must be managed in a way that best allows them to be accessed. Paper All brochure documents received are to be immediately filed in new filing cabinets situated on the sales floor – simply because space exists there for them. Each publication is to be filed in alphabetical order under the company heading, with a "post it note" stapled onto it, giving details of the date it was first entered and which employee was responsible for it. The filing cabinets should be reviewed on a 3 month basis and any duplicate/old data should be removed and shredded. Electronic Two types of electronic information exist within Lanway – internal and external sources. However in order to provide a consistent theme, employees should be able to interface both in the same way. The simplest and most effective method of achieving this is by using web …show more content…
The internet connection will be upgraded to ASDL from ISDN, therefore lowering operating costs and improving speed. The first step for Lanway will be introduction of an intranet. This will be hosted on a new Microsoft Web™ server It will be via this that all electronic information will be accessed, including the internet itself. The online news stories will taken from™, a free online news resource specifically designed for IT firms. Each user will be given a specific user name and password, so that their entrance page may be tailored to their individual needs. The accounts department will gain their current news and information from™, a leading American accounting resource. Once again, the service is free and can be tailored to individuals needs. Both will be accessed via the intranet through absolute URL's created via Active Scripting when users first log on to the Lanway

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