Business Strategies Of Blue Ocean Strategy Essay

809 Words Mar 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
Business strategies have been evolving with the course of time. In the last 20 years, there has been modifications in the business strategies that affect customers and competitors. As well, as the development of new IT systems and innovations in the business field. Customers and competitors weren’t the same in 1995 as they are today. Competition has been at the heart of corporate strategy. Today, one can hardly speak of strategy without involving the language of competition, as dictated in “Blue Ocean Strategy”. In the mid 1990’s business were running great just the way they were until new company’s started opening up leading them to destruction and massive competition. The article “Responses to Disruptive Strategic Innovation” mentions that, the leading companies were facing a dilemma: Their attackers utilized strategies that were both different from and in conflict with their own. The new companies brought with them modern business strategies that were unknown to the other business giving them a greater advantage of succeeding. From my perspective, indeed business strategies have been evolving leading companies that use old business strategies to withdraw from the marketplace. The only positive thing about the evolution of business strategies is that those companies that keep renewing their strategies over the course of time are being successful. “Blue Ocean vs. Five Forces” states that, businesses may want to consider a blend of the two approaches… by slowing down…

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